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Sun Shades made for Canada !

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Reject up/to 80% of sun's energy

Eliminate 99% of UV rays

Block up/to 97% of glare

Create Daytime Privacy

Clearly see the outside


Easy DIY Installation takes about 10 minutes

   Like most more than likely you have tried or seen many of the window coverings on the market. In many cases the quality is poor, but even more so when most window blinds are closed there is little or no light passing through and No visibility to the outside.

   I have been in the window industry for well over 19 years and I can't count how many times I have talked with people who have been struggling to solve their fading, glare and heat related issues caused by the hot intense sun coming through their usually large windows.

Hello, My name is Mark Hall, and my company Solar Trends has been servicing people just like you since 2002 with Solar Trends Sun Shades, shades that really perform to help make your life more comfortable. 

   Most homes and buildings build in today's environment have a tendency toward large and extensive window systems because as Canadian's we are realizing the necessity to see outside during the day and enjoy the beautiful views that we have around us. This realization of being able to see outside as opposed being closed in makes us feel more productive and energized. 

    And that thought only makes sense, because here in Canada we have some of the most beautiful views in the world. Whether that view is over looking a lake, the ocean, your city, or your backyard we are here to help you to continue enjoying that view you have less many of the damaging effects of the sun.

So how can our Sun Shades do that? Here are some facts:

  • Sun Shades that are anti-glare making it easier to see monitors, TV screen, gauges and other equipment creating less visual fatigue and making a room or office more visually comfortable.
  • 99% of UV rays are being blocked, providing protection for you your family or your co-workers against skin damage. 
  • Your furnishing and valuable possessions are receiving that same UV protection - reduced fading and degradation.
  • Rejecting up/to 80% of unwanted heat gain - a more comfortable working or living environment is created.
  • Sun Shades help maintain stable reasonable temperatures
  • Reducing energy and air-conditioning costs - when you slow down the hot sun from entering a room it requires less energy to cool the room.
  • Daytime privacy comfort levels are increase protecting you from outside viewers eliminating the *Fishbowl* effect.

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  • The winter insulating value of your windows is also increased by 24%
  • Daytime privacy is excellent, without blocking your view of the outside
  • See-through, allowing you to clearly see the outside, creating a sense of openness
  • making a more comfortable and productive environment
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Ez-Installation
  • (optional shade cassette)

       Let me repeat what I explained on this page. With Solar Trends Window Shades Your comfort levels will increase dramatically, instead of the sun's heat burning down on you.

       You will control sun's blinding glare on your computer or TV screen. 

    Your furniture, floorings, and window display products are being protected by reducing fading, because of the 99% UV protection. 

    And your air conditioning and heating units will work easier, because the hot sun is not pouring in your store front, and office windows. Saving energy usage - saving Money!

    What window shade is right for you? click here for shade specifications


    Mark and Lisa Hall
    Solar Trends


    P.S. - For more information, pricing and shade samples go to our contact us page