Commercial Grade Sun Shades

Solar Trends Sun Shades are designed to make the office more comfortable for your employees. By reducing Glare which leads to Eye Strain, by reducing Sun's Heat to stop your employee's from burning up and by virtually eliminating UV Light you help to create a protected environment.

Our Sun Shades help with Cost Savings - by blocking up to 86% of Sun's Heat. For Summer Time - when you stop that heat from entering the office you don't have to Cool it and when you don't need the shade, you simply roll them up.

We have our Sun Shades are currently installed in Several Commercial sectors: Health Care, Government Offices, Corporate Offices, Education, Retail Stores, Restaurants, Commercial Shipping Vessels, Heavy Equipment and more.

Our Solar Trends Sun Shades are designed as a DIY product - High Quality Components that are simple to install. Each Sun Shade is custom manufactured to your dimensions. See our Measuring Guide and Sun Shade installation instructions below.

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