Are Mylar shades better than fabric shades?

Unlike conventional fabric shades, Mylar Solar Window Shades operate considerably better in energy savings. They reject the sun’s energy in the summer and hold it inside during the cold winter months. Not only does this reduce overall heating and cooling expenses, but it also results in a reduction of energy usage from air conditioners and READ MORE

How do I clean mylar shades?

Cleaning – Mylar window shade cleaning should be done with a non-abrasive, ammonia free cleaner or an alcohol base cleaner and a soft cloth. Dry paper towels are considered abrasive. For spot cleaning the shade, leave it in the hanging position. Be gentle so not to pull the shade from the brackets. READ MORE

Are solar window shades worth it?

Think of it this way: Your expensive indoor furnishings can quickly fade away and lose their charm. However by reducing the damaging effects of the sun’s rays by installing solar shades you gain the benefits. Solar Window Shade are beneficial in glare and heat reduction, high level of protection against UV radiation, and fade prevention, READ MORE

Do solar window shades block heat?

Yes. Solar Window Shades help reduce the heat that passes through a window by up/to 80%. (See our Shade Material specs) They reduce heat by blocking a certain spectrum of visible and invisible sunlight coming into a space. This assists making your windows more energy efficient, reducing energy costs during the hot summer months. READ MORE

Are solar shades good for your home?

Solar Window Shades block up to 99% of harmful UV rays, which is healthy for the whole family while also preventing fading and damage from direct sunlight to your furniture. Solar shades improve energy efficiency in your home by providing extra insulation for your windows and helping to even out room temperatures.  Use alone or READ MORE

What is a solar window shade?

Solar Window Shades are custom made, roll down window shades made with a Mylar see-through shade material that filter out both sunlight and UV rays to shield your rooms from heat, glare and damaging UV light.  Material Options: The type of Mylar type material chosen will determine the amount of heat, glare and UV protection READ MORE